Volunteer Program

Volunteerism is a hallmark of this country.  It is part of our national heritage. The first volunteer fire department was established by Benjamin Franklin and is a good reminder that together we accomplish what an individual cannot. Greater organizations exist on this principle and across the United States, they represent the structure to create community services for community good while they unite people.

Nevada Brain Injury is dedicated to creating resources that help individuals with brain injury, their families, caregivers, and professionals come together to discover resources that help change the change they are faced with. Across the nation, the staggering cost of brain Injury heaps a huge bill of approximately $76.5 billion dollars. 

By uniting resources of available services with those who require it Nevada Brain Injury is creating a network system that helps people to help themselves. It is one step we make to help our community to be more resilient. 

We work with a mutually beneficial arrangement so that you  can put in what fits and take away what is needed.


  can you


       Find your FIT...

   Maybe your talent or skill can help.

   Maybe you are good with details

   Do you like to write or put things together?

   Is communication your skill? 


Use your skills  •  Tell others about us   •  Donate Resources 

Tell us how you want to add and what you would like

to get out of the experience by doing so: 

Other areas we are developing include:

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Share your Skill   •   Make Change Happen

Thank you for Volunteering. We will be in touch soon.



We're creating advocacy programs for navigating the change for individuals, families, caregivers, and professionals.



We're developing education to understand brain health, rehabilitation, caregiving, and methods to discover abilities in disability. 




We're innovating new methods, tools, and programs that utilize and inspire understanding and application for what helps. 

Community Service



Support, guidance, and care programming for caregivers and family members are offered to navigate and evaluate change.

Getting Soup

We will review your information and be in touch with you shortly. 

Once we find a place for your"fit", we'll send out our welcome packet and follow up with our Volunteer Manual for your review. 

We are changing the face of brain injury. Help us small change that makes a big difference.


What small impact you make can go a long way toward helping a bigger project become useful. 




Creating a connection in the community to remove the stigma and reduce the isolation that comes when people feel they are alone and the only ones.

Study Group

Better diagnostic tools, accuracy standards for diagnostics, and reframing how to understand brain injury improves with research and study. We're investigating!

Science Class


Strategies and awareness programs for better prevention standards are a preventative measure we are developing. Some forms of brain injury are preventable.

College Campus