National Caregivers Day

November 20th

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1401 N. Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89108

This event provides an opportunity for those who act as Caregivers, in a family capacity or professionally, an opportunity to participate in an afternoon that is centered around providing a fun respite for those who give so much to others. With Brain Injury, a family takes on a new role and caregiving is a way that the affect creates a second impact away from the life each member once knew. This event is designed to step into connection with other caregivers while it provides a fun way to engage with family or others into lighthearted play.  



Aside from the racing, riding, and sliding offered by the generous sponsorship of the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix activity center, a space for vendors dedicated to providing care, respite, and assistance for Caregivers will be highlighted. It is a place where you can set up a table or 1/2 table space to share products, services, or information that would greatly aid a caregiver to help themselves, or provide a helpful in-home service that would help them help those they care for.



At this event you will have time to share/demonstrate your organization’s benefit(s) to our audience as tables will be spaced to accommodate health guidelines and individuals will be able to mingle freely to your location and engage with your offerings. 

We hope to accomplish three goals at this event


Promote awareness of Caregiver’s needs and provide a place to connect with     others similarly affected. 


To raise donation funds that provide for a number of adaptive mini-racing vehicles to accommodate those with disability to discover an ability to drive and thrive as others do.


To create community connections that help us to grow in partnership with ways we can provide brain health, support, and education. 

To be a part of this event, your organization can contribute a donation to our event to secure a table or participate with active partnership in promoting and sharing our event.  A Raffle prize will be asked from every vendor and a moment to share a little about your organization. We are open to mutually beneficial arrangements that help us grow in partnership with the community.

One Vendor From Each Industry - First Come First Served