The Brain

We don't think much about our brain until...

  • We need it to function better

  •  We find ourselves with a decline or disease

  • We experience an injury or impairment.

It is then that we begin to think about the health of our brains. 


We want to understand what has altered or injured our brain so we can restore or resolve what has migrated away from its health.

In the end, our focus becomes oriented toward the health of our brain and the adjustments and maintenance required to perform at a level that brings us comfort.



The road from brain injury to brain health isn't a solo journey

It involves individuals, families, caregivers, and professionals. Nevada Brain Injury realizes how each part works better when we focus on the whole. With choices that champion the challenges, we focus on the resources of the individual, the family, and the community. 


With so many distinct variations and methods for

assistance, what works for one doesn't work for all.
Understanding and educating is an ongoing process of learning, testing, and adjusting. Professionals also need support for the ever-changing vast arena that brain health and injury present. From identification to the process of application, Nevada Brain Injury is involved with exploring, researching, and application processes to provide more resources for professional providers and institutions to serve the affected community of brain health and injury. 


We also provide healthy brain

resources for those that care

and provide. In this way, all improve

and move forward together. Brain injury
doesn't' just affect the individual, it affects the family and the community too. 

At Nevada Brain Injury, we begin at the point of impact and take the challenging steps that champion choices and provide resources that become solutions for the changes. Our goal is for better brain health in a
that works for each individual.  

No two impacts will be the

the same, so the road to
is uniquely paved.


Creating resources

for the changes that

impact the individuals, families, and professionals that make up the community of Brain Injury

We help you to realize what's possible

when the impossible appears.


Post-Incident • Hospital Advocacy • Discharge or rehabilitation Assistance 


Get Help • Ask Questions

Create a Smart Start by establishing a Starting Point for yourself to evaluate where you are in the journey, how it affects you, how it affects others around you, and to realize what you are looking for in help or assistance. 

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Connect with others in our support groups, find a class, partner with a buddy, join a team, contribute your talent, volunteer, be a part of us

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Educate • Be in the Know

Take a Course, learn something new

   Participate in an event or learn more      about the brain, injuries, exercises, or    caregiving, and family dynamics.   

Let's find your starting point. 

   Start with our checklist survey to      

   point you in the right direction. 

Individuals • Families • Professionals


Explore Your Brain ~ Find your Fit

Whether you are an individual who wants to discover more of who you are and what you can do or are a family member, friend, caregiver, professional, or community member. Your brain is worth mining for potential. 

Know Your Brain

Basic Brain Education
Brain Fitness

Neuroplasticity Exercises

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Neuroplasticity and Growth
Individuals • Families • Professionals


The Power of Your Plasticity

Neuroplasticity refers to the malleability of your brain. Learning about plasticity is plasticity in action. Our brains are not fixed and adapt to each experience we encounter to learn new memories. This means that it is neither good nor bad, as all experiences engaged change our brain. 


Focusing on the learning and memory experiences that arouse our curiosity and spark our imagination or the events that deepen our concentration and expand our mindfulness are the plastic elements that build the connections in our miles of neural wiring that positively affect us


Even with brain injury, impairment or disease, the brain is still able to build new synapses of strength. Plasticity can also be negative, as it is what you practice. We are here to exercise your natural resources and help you to learn something new and something better that helps you change what was changed into something that is useful, better, and awakens your capacity.

Build Productive Plasticity




There is Hope!

Developing an understanding of your brain injury gives you a reference point from which to begin. It is a new and often unexplored journey into the unknown. New things can be learned, plasticity can be built, and the aptitude of a can-do attitude makes the difference during the navigation through the tough spots. Not always easy, the dedication and determination of your willingness to move forward are your most treasured assets. Rather than waiting for someone else to discover or direct what you can do, you can take the initiative. The road is open when you are ready. Help and support can remind that you are not alone.  

Want Assistance?
Create a Smart Start by establishing a Starting Point for yourself to evaluate where you are in the journey. Fill out a brief inquiry and we'll contact you with ways we can assist you. 

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