Nevada Brain Injury operates naturally with sponsorship in mind.

With our mutually beneficial approach, we are a community partner that is helped by the community to help the community to realize more of our unique resources, whether it be found in the individual, families, professionals, caregivers, or the organizations and institutions.   

Level One -   Brain Building

Level One Sponsorship funds our Awareness Campaign that helps our community to understand the diverse impacts that brain injury has on a community. This level funds our public message, speakers circuit, promotional materials, and media engagement. , 


Level Two -   Brain Processing

Level Two funding supports our System Network development and maintenance that accumulates resources and distributes them where they are needed within the community.  Our network begins with a technical database and evolves into building community connections, partnerships, support, and collaborations.


Level Three-   Brain Functioning

Level three Sponsorship assists in developing educational programming, community outreach, support services, program development, activities, and coordinated offerings within the Brain Injury Community Center. Services at the BICC include individual membership for brain injury long term rehabilitation, education, and activities, family education, connection, and support, Caregivers support, respite, and support professionals programming and training .


Level Four -   Media and Promotion

The Fourth Level of Sponsorship includes event sponsors, community artist  outreach, WWDBTV Brain Hour Programming, special events, Access equipment, and special project development.