Building Advocacy & Creating Community

We build mutually beneficial relationships within the community by focusing on the resources that are available and those that are yet to be established between those who might need service and those who provide it. As you work with our organization, taking something beneficial from the experience is essential so that what you give is a reward to others. Using these four concepts below we integrate ourselves into the community to learn and grow as we connect and build resources. 


Hire Us


We begin with brain injury and move into the rehabilitative health of the brain to help and heal. We also offer brain health and neuroplastic practices and applications for all brains to thrive and work more optimally. 

Versed in leadership, guidance, and presentations, we provide service to the organization, institution, and community to understand human capacity more comprehensively. Some of our offerings include:

• Plasticity Brain Health Talks

• Brain Injury - Ability in the Workplace/Community

• Prevention Talks

• Organizational Brain Training

• Neuroplasticity Games

Hire us for Awareness, Education, and Growth for:

 • Staff Development

 • Organizational Events

 • Meetings

 • Annual Conferences

 • Community Outreach

Benefits of our Services

 • Efficiency of Operation

 • Effectivity Outcomes

 • Higher Functioning

 • Stress Reductions

 • Improved Focus

 • Collaboration

 • Creativity

Host Us


Add us to your list of regular speakers, presenters, instructors and teachers. There is always something new to learn about the brain. Whether it is the impact and community affect on Brain Injury or the health and rehabilitation that expands the ability over the disability. 

Offer your space for our promotional events, support group circles, advocacy offerings, classrooms, or training certifications. 

Be a Philanthropic Host

Create a Win for All in our arrangements

Create Influential collaborations.


Teach with Us


Put your experience to use in a practical way. Become one of our dynamic teachers of change. 

We focus on the well being of the whole body when the brain is affected, or to affect our brain in more optimal ways. 

As a professional, your well-honed and stable courses may reach out to individuals with brain injury, their family members, friends who want to know more, caregivers, professionals, and general community interest. 

As we discover the wealth of your courses, programs and offerings and the valuable service they provide, you can register and enroll to teach valued courses within our organization. 

Qualified Individuals can:


 • Become a community speaker/presenter

 • Teach at our events

 • Offer courses

 • Offer Training Certification

Get started with our enrollment process, tell us about yourself and we will follow up to begin the credentials and experience evaluations. 


Team with Us


Become a community partner, member, volunteer, or sponsor. We offer a mutual experience so when you bring your skills and availabilities, we can make more out of how you fit in our organization or how we fit in yours. 

Team at Events

Team in Projects

Team up with Research

Team in Education

Team up for support

Consider how you help and how you can help us while we consider how we help you.