World Brain Day

The World Federation of Neurology was established on July 22, 1957 in conjunction with organizations that support and align with the World Health Federation. In 2014, World Brain Day emerged on the birthday of this organization to increase public awareness and promote advocacy related to brain health. Each year a new aspect of the brain is endorsed and shared to highlight the most complex device in this universe, our brain.

The theme for this year’s campaign is “Move Together to End Parkinson's Disease”.

Over seven million people live with Parkinson's, a neurogenerative disease. A traumatic brain injury increases the risk of developing Parinson's Disease. A traumatic brain injury can damage neural tissue and induce the release of cellular breakdown products from damaged cells in the surrounding area. The connection between injury and disease is still poorly understood. By bringing attention in this world focus, provides attention to the largeness of both Parkinson's and brain injury.

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WBD-Save the Date-Poster-2020
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