What is a Brain Injury?

It isn't what we might think. It is more pervasive than we might know.

Complexities of a compromised cerebrum

Cranial disfunction isn't what we might think. No one is immune. It can affect anyone at any time. It can emerge and bring attention to its nature through illness, a heart condition, seizure, or environmental and chemical substances and exposures.

A loss of oxygen can deprive the normal functioning of a brain. We can fall without hitting our heads and jostle our grey matter against the bony ridges of the skull. We can receive a blow from sports activity or domestic abuse; our cerebral capacity only regards the result. Car accidents can create mild to traumatic forms of brain injury.

There are many ways that the complexity of our cortex can be compromised or damaged. When we understand how an impact can alter our function, there's a better appreciation for how small incidences create significant changes. Many of us will incur numerous occurrences throughout a lifetime with minor effects, and most will be unaware that an instance from a decade prior is the reason for memory issues and not aging.

Mental instability can be a symptom, and so can emotional outbursts. Damage is unique to each individual, so being able to create a baseline for abnormal behavior or function resulting from an injury is an enormous task. The mystery of brain injury begins to unravel each time we challenge or champion an assumption. It is an evolving question that reveals a balanced equation of the brain's inherently complex nature and the complexity of its injuries. When we are born without its full capacity it's called developmental disability. When we encounter this though accident, illness, or circumstance after birth its called acquired brain injury.

When we realize the enormity of what our brain can orchestrate, we can begin to realize that an impairment to it alters its function. Through that alteration we can begin to focus on the brain's operation and discover more about this amazing network that moves us through life. When we encounter brain injury, we begin our journey to understand brain health.

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