Brain Journey

We become more aware of our brain the moment we realize that it isn't working the way it is supposed to. Our families, friends, and the community we live in becoming more brain centric when an impact suddenly jars the world of an individual we love. With brain injury in mind, brain health becomes our focus.

A journey of love and anguish

Damage to the brain can affect anyone; it doesn't discriminate. It creates a change, and from there, we learn. We discover much of what we can't do, and champion what we can do. Love motivates us, and anguish drives us to know and become more. We learn so much more about the elaborate network inside our thin skull that we might otherwise, and it is a bittersweet process of acceptance.

For those fortunate enough to survive a life-changing incident, the road doesn't take us back, it paves a new path and offers us a new chapter full of things we would never have known otherwise. For the individual, families, caregivers, and support systems that surround a brain impairment, it can be devastating; and then it becomes a choice.

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