Ability over Disability

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

There is an inherent ability in those with disabilities. A struggle initially exists to understand what is normal, and a model of societal standards doesn't always make sense when the mind or body have begun to operate differently. The conflict may be more about the definition of normal itself, as any reference to it might well be absent or no longer quite as relevant.

When one has lived among the normal and can contrast the difference from the other side of disability with a brain injury, there is often a journey back to discover something called a new normal.

Yet, what about a new natural? What if we gave up on the idea of normalcy and migrated toward what was more natural? Those that do often discover abilities within the disabilities and capacities to operate with unique function and higher confidence in who they are.

It might be hard to imagine, though there are plenty grateful for their disability for this very reason. Life outside the status quo can change perspective and help define the qualities, characteristics, and unique talents each individual does possess, it can further identify the capability in each as they move to something more natural that awakens ability.

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