The Organizers


Christine Essex


Christine Essex, an original founding member, offers a background in community leadership, behavioral and neuroplastic development.

Her multiple experiences

with brain injury provide a perspective for the variety

and intensity of change it creates for an individual, family, and community. Christine brings community connection, insightful initiative, and a collaborative approach to NBI for the greater benefit to the community of brain injury and the state of Nevada.

Lynda Tourloukis

Executive Director

 Lynda Tourloukis, an original founding member, provides perspective with a background in leadership and human potential development. Her work spans neuroplastic enrichment from individuals to international appeal. Lynda works as efficiently with emotional and behavioral development as with organizational structuring. Lynda offers a wealth of insightful innovation in establishing and expanding valuable service and resource

to the brain-injured community of Nevada. 

Melinda Oldroyd 

Vice President

Melinda Oldroyd, a founding member, brings an educational background with disability disciplines to our organizational efforts. She is a 17 year veteran of the Educational System of Clark County, Nevada and a lifelong advocate of the disability community. She is a tireless volunteer serving many organizations with an ability focus in the world of  disability. Melinda contributes a passionate advocacy for human dignity and adds to the support and organizational functions that enhance our mission and purpose.

Michelle Heinze 


 Michelle Heinze, a founding member, offers a grounded and licensed education in therapy, trauma, and assessment for both the disabled and non-disabled community. Her organizational contributions and volunteerism provide the community of disability with a voice and presence to realize capabilities. As an advocate for spinal cord injuries, she adds a tremendous community resource that connects the available services where there is a need. Michelle’s community enthusiasm and quality-oriented approach offer NBI, the disability community, and the state a wealth of connection and resources.

Carrie Ayala


 Carrie Ayala, a founding member, enriches our organizational development with Medical Health Technology. She has navigated the disability world caring for a brother with brain injury. A staunch advocate for developing more defined methods of diagnosis, Carrie offers a perspective of management and oversight to the brain injury community, our center and great contributions for our organization. 

Bonnie Hillegass 

Advisory Board Member

 Bonnie Hillegass, a founding member offers an extensive background in senior levels of management, instruction, and development for the health care field. Her numerous decades of accomplishment have provided the communities in the state of Nevada with sustainable programs to ensure quality care through effective standards. Bonnie’s expansive roles offer medical and organizational enrichment for the benefit of NBI, the community of brain-injury, and provide profound development for Nevada.


Changing the way the world comprehends and evaluates brain injury