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can benefit to navigate big changes with a helping

From where you are to where you want to be, Advocacy can walk the road with you, remove obstacles, and help to create a clear path for your purpose. 

It offers personal support for the individual and takes what you have to say and frames it into helpful dialogues that help you navigate effectively.

We move everyone into better brain health that makes everything work better.

Trained and Licensed Professionals use experienced cognitive/emotional processes and neural focused development to simplify and engage practices that work for individuals at different levels of injury, family members, and support professionals. 

We help various individuals and groups

Individuals with Brain Injury

From Hospital to Home, your journey is one of immense change, directions, and often a lot of confusion in the comprehension of what to prioritize or consider the benefit.

Families of Brain Injury

From Hospital to Home, it is helpful to understand what is being communicated from treatment specialists or to know what to ask. To realize the gravity of change that is occurring in a short time and how to be best prepared, advocacy helps you to find your grounding and learn to advocate for your loved ones.

Caregivers of Brain Injury

Whether you are a family member or a professional, brain injury presents a variety of changes and a multitude of responses and reactions. With Advocacy, the inexperienced can feel more confident and the experienced can learn something new for the care and treatment of all concerned, including themselves. 

Professional Advocacy

Learn the nuances of brain injury to brain health at a professional level. Learn the care and cultivation of comprehension as it is applied to brain injury. Use our Advocacy services for yourself, loved ones, associates, or enroll in our advocacy training certification course. 



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