International Peace Week

September 2020

2020 Event - Creating Virtual Peace


2020 United Nations Peace Week Theme

It is an unprecedented year where resilience rises in the resourcefulness we apply. Like any who navigate the new territories that brain injury brings, we are all also discovering a way to use what is available in a useful manner too.

Everyone is shaping their new normal.

Last year we loved sharing the Laps for Peace with individuals as we were inspired by those who found peace in the freedom of movement that the recumbent bicycle program offered. It empowered and explored a new path where there was none before. It was what we endorse. 


Our event offered a chance to ride laps on the specially designed bikes or walk the laps of the park at whatever pace felt appropriate. Walking, riding, wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility devices could be used by those who enjoyed the fresh air and found a way to navigate. This year calls for something different.



September 21-26

Extending the peace throughout International Peace Week, join our activities to inspire movement, freedom, and peace in a combined effort that moves at your own pace and with your individual style on Monday, International Peace Day or each day this week. 

Select a Method of Movement


Click to open the map for directions

There are many options to choose the length of each of your laps. Select one walking route or try them all. Walk at home, on a treadmill, or around your block and use the course to imagine a walk with others. We can create peace together. 

See the Map Below ...
Discover the 10th of a Mile Loop
Walk a 1/2 Mile Lap
Walk the Full Mile Lap
Walk the Basin 1.5 Mile Lap

Select an Activity
The focus for your walk is to 
recognize   where you already hold peace within.

Then increase your peace as you apply

some of the techniques


Create Virtual Laps through 
Warren Bunker Family Park Trails
7321 W. Alexander Rd (@Tenaya) 

Las Vegas, NV 89129                   Walk a Virtual Lap


Physically Walk Laps
Go to Warren Bunker Park and choose a path to walk your laps or walk at home each day to discover how many laps you can create with peace as your focus. Use the activity list to create more peace each lap or for each day.
Keep track of your progress and move at a pace that works best for you. 


Finger-Walk on our Brain Labyrinth
Download the Brain Labyrinth, print it out, and use the activities to create laps through the labyrinth. It is a place of discovery, where you don't get lost, you find yourself. 
Keep track of your laps and do it each day of Peace Week.


Ride the Recumbent Bicycle Course
The Park District, in conjunction with the Veterans Assoc. and Heroes for Hope offer Adaptive cycling each Wednesday and Saturday. Take a ride, feel the freedom and the pedal power of peace in the laps you can create.


Be Inventive - Create your own Laps
Create a peaceful experience in laps that you design with your body, your mind, or your soul. Explore how creative you can be and how peaceful it makes you. Let us know what you create. 


Sponsor another's Peace Laps
Create an opportunity by helping another to succeed in creating Peace Laps. Be a supportive individual and guide them or cheer on their efforts to move beyond disability and into the ability they possess. 

                                                                 More Ideas

Activities to Increase Peace

Our week's objective:

Make more out of your experience by increasing the peace in every lap and in every day that you participate. 


Participate in Activities for each lap you complete. Let the idea assist you to release what isn't peace and increase what is. 


Monday September 21st
International Peace Day


• Create your laps outdoors to use nature to develop natural peace.

• Listen to nature more intensely with each lap.

• Notice how you respond to the outdoors as you progress through your laps.

• Describe peace as you walk.

Tuesday September 22nd

• Bring attention to your breath as you walk each lap.
• Breathe fully to expand your chest and slowly to exhale completely as you walk each lap. 
• Breathe in Peace and exhale it into your family, loved ones, community, and projects.

• Increase awareness of the peacefulness you feel.
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Wednesday September 23rd

• Bring attention to your body today in walking laps.
• Observe your steps, stride and the gait of your walk.
• Notice how your posture changes in the laps when you focus upon it. 
• Be aware of your feet as they touch the ground in each step.


Thursday September 24th

• What are you grateful for? Walk and consider.
• Who are you grateful for? Walk and cherish them.
• As you walk, express your gratitude as you move for everything you have, can do, and are.
• As you continue moving, express who is grateful for you and why they are.


Friday September 25th

• Smile as you walk your laps.
• Notice what makes you smile.
• Observe where you create a smile for others.
• Count how many smiles can you create in your laps?


Saturday September 26th
• Breathe and hum as you walk your laps. Observe.
• Be curious about everything you don't understand

• Become aware of how much peace you owned this week.

• Think of the peace you brought to others.

• Notice what you did differently this week. 

• Observe what feels better.


Pledge Peace Laps
• Before you begin, download the Pledge Sheet.
• Decide how many Laps for Peace you want to create.

• Connect with others to sponsor your efforts.

• Begin making your laps at your own pace. 

• When you are complete, collect your donations and upload your pledge sheet (or email to tell us what you completed.)

• Click the Donate button to send your pledges. -->
   Send donations via check to Nevada Brain Injury 3788 Bossa Nova Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89129

• When we receive your pledges, we will send your Award Certificate

A pledge is not required to participate. 

Your pledge contributions go toward the purchase of recumbent bicycles with our name for your use in the Adaptive Cycle Program.  Donate any amount, we are grateful for all!

Sponsor a Rider  •  Sponsor a Walker  •  Make a Donation  •. Make an Ongoing Pledge

Create Peace in every Pedal...


This event helps more to discover the benefits of the Adaptive Cycling experience. Sponsor and fund a rider and watch what they do for themselves and for others. This is a program of peace in action, everyday heroes helping everyday heroes to grow, give and receive. 

When you listen to the stories of the everyday men and women that thrive through their disability or hear the stories of Veterans who are greatly enhanced by the ability to ride through the Adaptive Cycle Program, you hear hope, freedom, and  peace. It develops organically and grows when abilities surface over disability. It returns purpose and provides peace of mind. The Laps for Peace event increases what is possible for everyone who puts a pedal for peace in motion or makes a step toward something better.


Nevada Brain Injury

Nevada Brain Injury is pleased to provide this opportunity to be a part of something that creates peace in so many ways. Where ability is present in creating a new life after brain injury, realizing it and connecting people with their own power and ability is the underlying current that connects the circuits of service for Nevada Brain Injury, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization serving Nevada to change what changes an individual, a family, and a community when brain injury occurs. Realizing resources for individuals, families, and caregivers.

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