International Peace Week

September 2020

2020 Event - Creating Virtual Peace


2020 United Nations Peace Week Theme

It is an unprecedented year where resilience rises in the resourcefulness we apply. Like any who navigate the new territories that brain injury brings, we are all also discovering a way to use what is available in a useful manner too.

Everyone is shaping their new normal.

Last year we loved sharing the Laps for Peace with individuals as we were inspired by those who found peace in the freedom of movement that the recumbent bicycle program offered. It empowered and explored a new path where there was none before. It was what we endorse. 


Our event offered a chance to ride laps on the specially designed bikes or walk the laps of the park at whatever pace felt appropriate. Walking, riding, wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility devices could be used by those who enjoyed the fresh air and found a way to navigate.


This year calls for something different in a Do-it-Yourself Event.



September 21-26

Extending the peace throughout International Peace Week, join our activities to inspire movement, freedom, and peace in a combined effort that moves at your own pace and with your individual style on Monday, International Peace Day and continues each day the week. 


• Designed for all ability levels you will create your own kind of Lap that's made up of what's important to you. 

• Move at your own pace and in your own style.

• Increase peace with each lap.

• Explore the daily suggestions to provide a new way to expand your sense of peace. 

• New ways with repetitive motions are how your brain grows and improves. 

• Pledge to make a dedication and share it with others who can support you. 

• Donate where you can as our 2020 focus is to buy a recumbent bicycle for the Adaptive Cycle Program at Wayne Bunker Park. It offers more the chance to move differently and feel the freedom and the sense of peace that inspired this event. 

• Donations are not required to participate. Register to get started.

• As you complete your event, send us your pledge sheets, donations, or lap counts and we will send you a Certification of Completion.



Increase the Peace

No cost registration. You will be provided with our event information upon registering.


Nevada Brain Injury is a
501(c)(3) Charity organization.

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Nevada Brain Injury

Nevada Brain Injury is pleased to provide this opportunity to be a part of something that creates peace in so many ways. Where ability is present in creating a new life after brain injury, realizing it and connecting people with their own power and ability is the underlying current that connects the circuits of service for Nevada Brain Injury, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization serving Nevada to change what changes an individual, a family, and a community when brain injury occurs. Realizing resources for individuals, families, and caregivers.

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