The First Steps for Families
Advocacy and Resources

The New Home Environment

Family Dynamics

Support Groups for Families




Create a Smart Start by establishing a Starting Point for yourself to evaluate where you are in the journey, how it affects you, how it affects others around you, and to realize what you are looking for in help or assistance. 

You didn't invite this, neither did they

     What is your Love Threshold

     Your New Beginning Point A

     What are the important things

     Refocusing your attitude and testing aptitude

Their Ability

    Where you help and where you don't

    Loving yourself so they will love you too

    Listening deeply

    What matters

    Conversations that work

Your Ability

    Remember you

    Doing what you can


    Creating a community


    Finding Fulfillment

    Start Something

    Remembering and Forgetting

Other Family

    Immediate circle

    Everyone feels something

    Honest practices



     Distant Relatives