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The Can-Do Project is a 30 day event where daily cents becomes common sense with neuroplastic activities to change your brain health while you help us to help others.  Discover More


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Take the Ability Challenge this month
October 1-31st

During National Disability Month in October, our challenge invites participants to create a daily awareness of the abilities each of us possesses that we might not always recognize. It challenges us to explore and expand other abilities we may be unaware of. It calls us to discover the ability over disability no matter our situation in life.  Champion what you can do, what you have not realized yet, and the spirit of ability. 

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November is National Caregiver Month

Register for the Caregivers Love List
November 1-30

Caregivers  provide support and resource for individuals with brain injury, families, and many types of age related or disabled circumstances. There are currently 53 million American caregivers who give and care from a place of depth. This month, Caregivers can sign up to receive an inspirational message that reminds them of how and why they are loved.   More info

Join us for National Caregivers Day
November 20

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix is providing free rides for all Caregivers who register for a ride bracelet and attend.  Vendor tables for caregiving aid, service and discovery will be present in between contests, activities, raffle drawings and prizes. Families, friends, and those that are a part of the circle of care are invited to attend and enjoy activities while Caregivers experience a Respite-on-Wheels.   More Info

Playing with Possibilities  
January 23-24


Take part in the games that make us think differently, move more efficiently, feel more in touch, and connect with our human potential. In the simple experience of play, participants explore possibility and strengthen the synapses and expand the neuronal pathways that enhance the brain's performance.        More Info


Event Calendar


Community Events for Nevada Brain Injury and other community informational opportunities will be posted on our Calendar for individuals with brain injury, family members, caregivers, and professional support individuals and organizations. 


We offer Weekly Support Groups Online and monthly events. Daily events for information, education, awareness, support, and resource are also posted on this event calendar. 

Let us know about an event that would be interesting to our community.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

• Acquired Brain Injury is the number one cause of death and disability in the world. 

• Acquired Brain injury is the umbrella term for all forms of injury/damage to the brain after birth.

This includes Traumatic Brain Injury

• Acquired Brain Injury is known as the "silent epidemic".  Covid-19 is known as the "silent brain infection".  Help us to stop the Silence.

• 85% of brain injuries are classified as "mild", yet have many debilitating effects that last a lifetime. 

Brain Injury Awareness is essential. It is where one can finally uncover the reason for their symptoms and begin a journey to brain health. Discover that you are not alone and that there is help.  It's not the end of the road, its a step in a better direction.  Join us for our Brain Injury Awareness Health Fair.


March 1 - 31 in 2021
Las Vegas, NV 

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Programs that educate, evolve and inform individuals are often great ways to bring the community together and provide awareness for the work we do to help others to know the greater presence of brain injury in the world with a more enhanced way to deliver a viable answer. 

The Can-Do Project

An ongoing program that helps the neuroplasticity grow by learning the ways of making small change count. 

The Ability Challenge

A fun way to play with your abilities and rise above disability. 30 days of active engagement in learning, activating and encouraging new neuro connections. 

This event takes place October 1-31

Caregivers Month

The month of November offers the opportunity to extend care to those that care so vitally for others. It is National Caregiver's Month. This program builds the sharing of caring and changes your outlook on doing so. Engage your smiling synapses as your neurons feel more caring and sharing in the result.

This event takes place November 1-30

Laps for Peace

Join our Fun FUNdRaiser as we invite the community to come out and take a lap for peace on International Peace Day. 

Raising funds to purchase more adaptive bicycles for the handicapped, this peace -walking-riding day provides an opportunity to focus on peace as the outcome of their experience. Join us, pledge and ride or walk, and discover how many laps you can create. 
This event takes place September 21st

Living Tuesdays

Learn the spirited ability of contribution through our year long weekly program of abilities discovered in purposeful philanthropic effort. This program is available for those impacted by brain injury, families, caregivers, support personnel, professionals, and the general public. Discover a way to find your fit and emerge new parts of yourself. 

Begins in December

Coming in 2021

ConTEXT for your BRAIN

Join our Wake up your brain texting campaign and receive a regular insight, idea, concept, or exercise to provide you with a new way to get out of the rut of routine and build a new pathway through your circuits. It is Plasticity Power. 

Volunteer Team

Join us for
Survivors Day
September 28, 2021