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Nevada Brain Injury

From our daily administration and operating budget that organizes, builds, develops and coordinates our efforts to the community programs, outreach, research, education and advocacy we create, cash donations offer us great assistance to create effective resources for the individuals, families, caregivers, and professionals. 

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Blue wheelchair

Product Donations

Used and good condition equipment that helps individuals maneuver and navigate their surroundings, such as wheelchairs, canes, and walkers provide a second life with an individual in need. Donations in the form of gift cards often go a long way to provide families with dinner, gas, groceries, medications, or supplements.  

Smiling Volunteers

Donation of Time

Donations of Time

Donate time as one of our volunteers or offer to spend an afternoon providing company for an individual, where the family or caregiver could use a short respite.  Be a drop in angel or become part of a project for a short term or more permanent. Every small deed is appreciated. Volunteer for a more specific use of time.

Where your donation makes a difference

Volunteers Packing Food
Volunteer Group
Women with a Cause
Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse
Girl in Wheelchair

Brain Injury exists in every community. It exists within these images and within families. When we unite and donate our abilities,we champion challenges.

Organization and Projects, Outreach areas to 

Operating Funds

Every nonprofit is in need of funds to do the due diligence of developing and maintaining a structural foundation. It is the backbone of what makes all the other efforts and ideals come together and make provisions that change the community in helpful ways. Donations are always in need and always heartily welcomed! 

Support Events

From support groups that aid the individual, families, and caregivers to program events that offer participation and education. Donations help with research, design, development, and testing that expand and broaden opportunities for the community. From the basic to the more advanced, concepts of support funds are the supporting gesture that provide our organized efforts. 

Community Events

Creating public awareness for brain injury and brain health can come in the form of informational fairs hosted or in partnership with other organizations. We are also part of the community forum and providing a chance for more to understand our purpose can come through health fairs and also come in the form of engaging activities that serve to offer hands-on perspectives. Your donation here goes far.

Educational Programs

We strive to end the silent epidemic of brain injury and make the incidence that affects so many more approachable. We want to reduce the stigma and begin helpful conversations about brain health and how to rediscover. We do this with education. Donating to help program development, testing, and research to create courses and classes will help all affected by brain injury. 

Advocacy Programs

Programs and education around the concept of advocacy can streamline the service of health care. We have first-hand knowledge of the value of the advocate and find that doctors favor an advocate that adds perspective and insight from the family that might otherwise not be attainable during times of crisis, treatments, and long term care. Funding provides us with research, development, and testing. 

Brain Injury Network

One of our larger goals is to create a system network of brain injury providers in the local community. It appeared so many struggled to find services and if there were a united network provision that was comprehensive and accessible, we would do more to end the silence and offer a collaborative brain tank that pools the talent, skill, and abilities. Funding to provide software, research, and structure would unite us all.

Research & Studies

Brain health and brain injury awareness have made study and research opportunities for understanding with many vast perspectives of this operational control center of ours.Nevada Brain Injury wants to expand our research capacity and offer studies for the community to take part in that are engaging and informative. Funding to create studies and participate in research will help us to help the community with more value.

Prevention Programs

There are five main causes of brain injury and in each, we have discovered preventable strategies to share with the community. We know we cannot avoid all brain injury, however, with the prevention, we may have the opportunity to create functional ways to realize and consider more options that can be safer alternatives. Funding helps us to create prevention materials, and provide vital public communication that helps.

These are an assortment of the directions we are aspiring to affect as resources that will help the individual and the community to better understand choices, tools, strategies, and outlook. As we explore more of the depth that is a brain injury, we will find more insight into brain health. It is an ambitious undertaking, yet we know that the time is right to engage and enlighten effective strategies that can serve us all.  We do not do this alone and we know that your generous donations of funding, useful products, and time are the elements that will make the effort successful. We are a community working together with the ability to overcome the status of disability.

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