30 Days of Love
National Caregivers Month
November 1-30


30 Days of Love
November 1-30

Caregivers Online Support Group

Mondays 10-11:30am PST

Caregivers Helping Caregivers
Caregivers come in all shapes and sizes

Caregivers see the light where many do not and give in love with a whole heart.

Self-Care, Respite, Information, and Support are the ideal tools that provide for those who provide for others.  It is the Caregiver's delight when these elements are well provided and a dilemma when the same elements are absent or in short order. 

Because giving is in a Caregivers nature, receiving is something that is a learned experience.  During National Caregivers Month (November) this daily program provides a check in for each Caregiver. Each day a new email will arrive with a variety of ways to receive.  Each is based in a weekly focus of Love in concept.  Moving from self-love to others and then more global in focus over four weeks. 

Each day you may receive a variety of:


Love Exercises for your heart and head

Musical relaxation 


Each element included takes in mind the weekly focus and a daily opportunity to expand an idea and apply ideas throughout your day. There are plenty of items to focus upon, not all are required, though all present choices.  Do what feels right for you to elevate and enrich your love understanding from a variety of perspectives that you can explore. By the month's end, a sense of euphoria from the practices and processes or a sense of calming peace can occur. 


This year we are beginning an online support group that each participant can join for a weekly discussion if you are available. It is a bonus and an opportunity to further your experience and gain more from your effort and understanding. 


There is no fee to join this daily program, though as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are grateful for all who donate to help us provide programs and services like this and more. 


Register to begin receiving your daily love connection. 


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