The Can-Do® Project


Everything we do is about creating a mutual benefit. Your helping us helps us help those in need. It also educates you about brain injury by playing with your plasticity in ways that you can realize and appreciate the difference on your own. 

We wanted to say thanks for helping us and as you give, we give to you.

Small change makes a big difference for Brain Injury

Register to Participate

Register and receive access to the 30 Day program and your donation can. Your can will arrive by mail and you will receive a link to the program online.  When it comes, begin your 30 days. 


   Participate and Discover 
3 Wins each day


1. Learn. You will learn a plasticity purpose.

2. Apply. You can activate an idea about that plasticity

3. Earn. You can learn how to ask, receive, and give. This is how you help us grow while you grow and know more!

We began with a can to illustrate the mutuality in our organization. Its a symbol for change that focuses on what we can do. Brain Injury can be life-altering, though, with a perspective that operates from what we can do, instead of what we can't, brain injury can inspire a new outlook and encourage a practice of what you can do.