Brain Coaching

Therapy Session

Helping individuals, caregivers, families, and professionals to comprehend the neuro nature of brain injury to brain health. Advocacy moves up a notch to provide dialogues and activities to exercise the cognitive, physical and emotional components into an exercise of neuroplasticity.

Individual, couples

or family

Group Coaching available

In a world of disability, we focus on enhancing and discovering ability. 



Affected by Brain Injury?
Create a Smart Start by establishing a Starting Point for yourself to evaluate where you are in the journey. Fill out a brief inquiry and we'll contact you with ways we can assist you. 

We use a brain based approach that begins with an evaluation of what you know, how you think, what your habits are, and how you process information. 

We then use the information to start in a more familiar way of understanding and soon develop expansion into different ways to apply your brain's abilities to expand and develop a greater capacity. 

Creating Effective and Efficient Brain Power

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