Welcome to the Brain Injury System Network

We invite those with resources to add to our directory and network in the spirit of collaboration to take part in changing the story of brain injury.

Brain injury affects an individual, a family, caregivers, support professionals, organizations, former employers, government programs, living arrangements, rehabilitation, medical, mental health, legal, financial, transportation, education, training, housing, adaptive technologies, and numerous others. 

When brain injury affects an individual, it impacts a community. The manner and severity are unique for every brain injury, which makes it more difficult to diagnose and comprehend. There are many types of damage and those that occur after the birth process that are neither hereditary or congenital fall under the broad umbrella of Acquired Brain Injury.  

TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury is just one of the many types of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) known worldwide.  It is now known as the worlds leading cause of death and disability as of 2020 and by medical professionals, it is called the Silent Epidemic. Until one is impacted personally or relationally, brain injury in the normal realm isn't a thought that many consider. Though when affected, life is never the same, even for the cases that are known as "mild".

At Nevada Brain Injury we focus on Brain Health, because it is what those with brain damage want to have, a renewed sense of purpose and independency. The health of our 3 pound control instrument is what everyone seeks, yet those who have found the greatest compromise understand its importance more concisely. As the return to health begins, resources are required in the form of internal and external products, services, information, and abilities. 

Those that have begun the journey cite time and again the very real need for a helpful resource or directory to discover who can provide what-- and do it locally. Their lives are already challenged, finding the help they need shouldn't have to be so difficult when so many can help. At Nevada Brain Injury we recognized this gap in resource connection and are doing something about it by forming a System Network for Brain Injury. When providers share their information, we will compile it and make it available to all who require it. 

Look for our System Resource online and Print Directory in 2021 as we connect with the community and collect the resources. We know this will be a tool that builds many types of resources that mutually benefit all. We are proud to be a part of making it happen with the members of this community.