From Brain Injury to Brain Health
A Brain Inspired Community Center

What is a Synapse?

Neuroscience describes it as a neuronal junction. It is a place where nerve cells connect and receive an electrical or chemical stimulation to communicate with other nerve cells  to work together to carry out optimal functions and processes within the body.

When a brain injury occurs, the communication can be impacted by impairment and the connections that normally meet and communicate are either damaged or missing. As a result normal operation of the body ceases or gets its signals mixed making our natural tasks troublesome. 

This can happen with aging, illness, constriction, and through a variety of ways that inhibit our natural flow of communication. If you think of it like a relationship that sours, there can be numerous contributing factors as to why two unique individuals cease to communicate effectively and work as a solid unity. 

Nevada Brain Injury's Synapse is a central place where people can come together to exercise ideas, engage in activities, and establish new connections that work more effectively.

Our Design

To help individuals, families, and caregivers affected by brain injury to create new connections of resources that help each to reuse their abilities in ways that champion their disability and reconnect with life purposefully.

Brain Injury affects a community in numerous ways. This Community Center provides a way to impact the community with positive and growing infusion. It is designed for community interaction where people learn together and discover how everyone is a contribution. It is open and designed for the brain injury community, families, friends, caregivers, professionals, and members of the community to realize we are all affected and we can all do something about the worlds silent epidemic together

Our Offerings

• Brain Ability Day Program
A second level of rehabilitation and life skills
• Courses for Adaptive Life Skills
Levels of Life skills for every individual
• Grey Matter Projects
Interaction with community led projects for integration
• Community Talks
Listen and learn from community professionals and services
• Community Events
Interact and engage with monthly to annual engagements
• Brain Education
Know your Noggin Brain Education from elementary to advanced
• Support Offerings
Support groups, counseling, coaching and guidance offerings
• Brain Coaching
Brain development one on one or group brain training development

• Certified Training Courses
Caregiving, Advocacy, and Brain Training Courses

• Collaborative Programming
Community courses and satellite partnerships

• Workshops
Hosted life development workshops


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Development Phases

Phase 1 - Planning and Outline

This phase includes 

Phase 1 - Research and Education

This phase includes 

Phase 1 - Content Development and Budget

This phase includes 

Phase 1 - Funding and Resources

This phase includes 

Phase 1 - Coordination

This phase includes 

Phase 1 - Evaluation and Review

This phase includes