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Nevada Brain Injury is Innovative

We are after solutions, ideas and bringing together what works and serves people in need. We don't think like a typical board, we think and act like a team on a mission of a worthwhile purpose that serves a need in our community.

We're Different

Starting at brain injury we move to focus on improving the health of the brain and the outlook of all who are involved. We see the abilities in everyone and move beyond disability to remind guide, and support the steps that change the attitude and the aptitude as well. We partner for progress.


We encourage Involvement 


Engaging with the community, we can discover what is needed and who can provide it and then make the connections. When people get involved and share their abilities, a purpose is fulfilled while service is provided. We encourage people to put in what they are able and take away what they need. We create a community that helps itself. 


Strategic Plans  

   Mission  •  Vision  •  Goals

Our Mission

Nevada Brain Injury (NBI) is a resource for improving change for brain-injured individuals, their families, caregivers, professional providers, and institutions of service in the state of Nevada.


Through interconnected networking, programs for education and advocacy, and functions of support, our innovative focus is designed to provide for the health and ability over the disability of brain injury.


Our inspiring initiative for small changes makes big differences possible in a way that inspires individuals, offers dignity and works with mutuality in mind for everyone's benefit.

Our Vision

Brain Injury doesn't have to be the end of the road for affected individuals. With streamlined resources made available, advanced identification processes, and support systems operating to serve, those affected can discover care, compassion, and dignity at a time that seems to challenge.


Purposeful emphasis on human capability provides programs, education, and advocacy, building a more promising outlook for affected families. Programs for caregivers offer compassion and relief that also become a way to collaborate with others and elevate quality for life in possibilities.


The more education institutions and professional can receive, the better the service provided, and the more significant the community connection becomes moving brain injury into brain health.


 Our Strategic Plans

  • Developing a Systematic Network for Brain Injury

Bringing those individuals, institutions, and organizations that offer services together more optimally with the individuals who require it. 


 • Initiating Educational Programming

Creating support systems for peer networks in needed environments with facilitation training. Developing advocacy programs for brain injury from initial hospitalization to employment return


  • Innovating an Identification System for Brain Injury

Removing the stigma of brain injury, discerning where mental illness is applicable, providing a tool for professionals, and helping more to define brain injury more accurately to provide the correct assistance and aid. 


  • Creating a Brain Injury Community Center

Providing a community center to gather in common pursuit of connection, education, support, offering service, and contribution that centers on the individual, family, caregivers, and professionals who are involved with brain injury restoration. 

• Inviting Research and Study for Brain Injury and Restoration

Inspiring research and studies that assist the community of brain injury in educating, navigating, and relating that enhances and enriches the quality of life.  From aids for mechanical assistance to discovering elements that shift the perspective, or afford more dignity for all, these innovative inquiries can provide realistic and affordable options to possibly become the first step in studies of grander scope and findings. 


Our Team 

   Founding Team  •  Members  •  Membership

Founding Team

Our founding team makes up the Board of Directors and is collectively known as organizers of this nonprofit directive.

They bring organizational skills, innovative development, and creative insight to set up and invite a community to help a community. Each has found a fit that suits and serves the greater good of our organization.

Christine Essex

Offers Connection

Lynda Tourloukis
Innovates Strategy

Michelle Heinze

Enhances Engagement

Carrie Ayala

Increases Awareness

Melinda Oldroyd

Encourages Support

Want to drive our message and create opportunities?

Board members are enthusiastic about our purpose and create connections within our community and state, to extend our important message and promote funding to help us provide for the community.


Add your talents to our Community Membership and be a part of innovation that changes the way we
understand, interact, and provide assistance for brain health and long-term recovery and caregiving support

Community Members 









Sponsorship Opportunities

Our message makes a big difference for our community and a statewide presence for contributing well being to two underserved communities nation-wide, brain injury and caregivers. Your sponsorship can provide large scale operations to smaller projects that create engagement and outreach to make inner change occur in individuals, families, organizations, and communities.  







Member Organizations

Become a MOU Partner with us and engage in a mutual exchange of services and information that supports
both organizations to thrive by working together to support similar goals.

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